Special Offers
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Our amazing Resin Range is available via our order line

one cow @ £580.00 including UK delivery
any pair @ £1,100.00 including UK delivery
small herd @ £1,500.00 including UK delivery
(3 x life sized cows and a small calf)
large herd @ £1,950.00 including UK delivery
(4 x life sized cows and a large calf)

- Standing and Grazing full sized cows are 5 1/2 feet tall by 7 feet 6 inches long.
- Sitting Cow is 3 feet tall x 5 1/2 feet long.

Mini flock of sheep @ £150.00 including UK delivery

- 1/2 Sized Sheep 22 inches tall and 30 inches long
- 1/2 Sized Lamb 16 inches tall and 20 inches long
- (also available is adult 1/2 sized sitting Sheep and 1/2 sized Lamb grazing)

Family of pigs @ £100.00 including UK delivery
(a sow and a pair of piglets)

- 1/2 Sized Pigs 18 inches tall and 38 inches long
- 1/2 Sized Piglets 10 inches tall and 24 inches long
 - (as well as twin spot Pigs (pictured) we also have pink and saddle back options)