Elisa makes sculptures and other objects in limited editions, all in the traditional manner with a high level of craftsmanship. Elisa sculptures, imbued with peace and serenity, reflect the many varied aspects of everyday life, lending them a universal appeal. You can browse the Elisa range by
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Our amazing Resin Range is available via our order line

New Sculptures & Collectors Club
The sculptures are highly professional and have a great feeling for art. These new creations are, as ever, full of feelings and burdened with memories.
The Intimacy figurine range is something very special. A look, a gesture, a moment of veiled emotion is communicated by the figures in this collection.
Each sculpture is a unique piece that could be the reflection of any young girl. A modern, young, realistic collection with special attention to hair style and clothing.
Figures to be cared for and cherished. These pieces are full of the beauty of simplicity.
Romantic Moment figurines are of young girls we might see in a park, strolling on a rainy day or simple dreaming of a new day full of hope for the future.
Poetry is words to express feeling, love, emotion and disillusion. These subjects display exactly the serenity, piece and deep feelings.